Creative Logos Depicting Laundry Shops

By: Excel Diaz

Laundry is a scourge to mothers with five or more children. The amount of clothes deposited on the laundry bin each day is a headache for moms. As if laundry is the least of their worries, mothers still need to clean the house of ‘missed spots,’ and other tedious tasks that involve feminine body punishment and exhaustion.

Good thing mothers find one shop they cannot live without. A laundry shop is a common housewife’s one-stop shop for all things laundry. These shops serve as convenient alternatives to manual washing of clothes. From washing machines to dryers, laundry shops make use of devices that moms wished most of it were invented a few years back.

Laundry shops also have competitors – those that are located within the vicinity. The growing need for these establishments urged individuals to put up branches in areas with a high number of mothers plagued by taxing laundry responsibilities. Laundry shops contend with each other, hoping to gain advantage with gimmicks aimed for tired mothers.

A laundry shop with all the possible gimmicks at hand may win the battle for laundry supremacy. However, a laundry shop without consumerist gimmicks but has an effective logo laundry attached on its door or roof secures itself with a consistent traffic of customers. Laundry shops are a business that needs a logo to speak about its washing services.

Here are some of creative logo samples that effectively market a laundry shops’ brand of service:

  • A washing machine grinding itself to work – Most laundry shops use the washing machine as its staple logo. Obviously, washing machines represent innovative laundry in general. Laundry shops modify the washing machine as a hard-working tool that washes all dirty clothing without a single speck of complaint. This one is a great logo for start-up laundry shops to play with.
  • Hands are now rinsed and detergent-free – When someone enters a laundry shop, the hands do only two things. One, insert a coin to the slot to operate the machine and two, toss out the clothes into the washing machine. A laundry shop is where fatigued hands can relax. Logos that creatively make use of such premises succeed in bringing in customers.
  • A bubbly heaven for clothes ­– Personification is a hit among laundry shops. The idea is to show how clothes undergo a bubbly transformation with the use of affordable laundry devices. The transformation shows the logo bathing a smiling piece of clothing with detergent.
  • Other objects related with laundry – Cloth hangers and delivery vans used for bulk laundry services often appear as other marketing tools used in laundry logos. Anything that has something to do with washing clothes is welcome to a logo laundry.

Excel Diaz is a respected web and logo designer who has shared his craft in many countries, doing visually impressive and effective designs for different companies.

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