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1 95%
The expertise of SleekLogos team is a must for every business that wishes to have a logo that completely captures their true identity. Their innovative and professional logo designs are custom-made at a very reasonable price. The SleekLogos designers are not only thoroughly skilled in creating original logos. The team is also effective in developing competitive web sites, business cards, envelopes, and letterhead that truly suit a corporate brand. We can never think of any other logo design company on the Internet that sincerely understands their client than the SleekLogos.[View Web Site]
2 logo design 93%
Logo design services at Trixlogos offer full flexibility to clients. If you only want a logo design, its different logo packages offer various choices over a number of design concepts that you can choose from. Meanwhile, if you want more than just a logo design, this company has its so called 'Combo Deals' in which you can get both a logo design and stationery designs such as business card, letterhead, and envelope depending on the package you purchased. The prices of Trixlogos' design services are very affordable, making it an equally nice option to choose for a logo design company. Its logo designers' skills are seen in the way its web site is designed. This company certainly knows how to meld art and magic in its creations.
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3 90%
Capital Logo Designs can guarantee their clients of an interestingly original art piece for every logo package. Its team is committed to delivering products based on the expectations of their clients. More companies can be serviced by Capital Logo Designs if they can offer their products on a much lower price. Apparently, its pricing is intended for corporations and large businesses. Letterhead, business cards and stationary designs should be included in their packages for added convenience on its clients. [View Web Site]
4 85%
Designs made by Mike Bennet Graphics are attractive enough, and representing of a corporate image and identity. But the firm should expand their business because they only have two packages currently on offer. Such expansion will help the company to establish its position in the tough competition of the industry. It's just quite discouraging to know that Mike Bennet Graphics implements additional charging per hour for every request of alterations and/or revisions. [View Web Site]
5 78%
The optimum quality of logo designs being made by Two Spots does not seem to have been reached. Although the designs exude an interesting appeal, they are nonetheless simple. Companies need a logo that completely captures their identity, in the most strategic and attractive way possible. This should be adhered to by Two Spots in order to retain and/or improve their standing in the industry. [View Web Site]
6 76%
The pricing of logo designs created by Pro Webb is surprisingly affordable. This is a good news to small business that cannot afford to pay for high-priced logo designs. System of pricing such this puts Pro Webb in a position that is attractive to potential and new clients. Despite the factor of affordability, the logo designs of the company do not ultimately catch the attention of its viewer. [View Web Site]
7 logo design 74%
Much simplicity in the design approach of E-Company Logos prevents it from maximizing its designers' creative freedom. It needs to apply a sense of sophistication to exude superior quality of logo designs and to justify its quite expensive pricing. Further, the 'restrictions' on the number of logo samples it provides and similar turnaround time is more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage. [View Web Site]
8 73%
Logo designs of Green Tree Designs are good enough. But one can immediately notice the lack of efforts of its designers to go beyond the usual graphics and superficiality. Furthermore, the per hour rate it implements are expensive. The company actually charges a client based on how many hours their logo designers will make. [View Web Site]
9 logo design 70%
The affordability of the logo design packages that this company offers makes it readily suitable for small and new businesses. However, looking at its portfolio, 'out-of-the-box' thinking seems to be lacking. One nice thing about Logo Design Pros is that it provides formats for web, print, and other mediums for free. This is a nice offering if one is thinking of having a multi-use logo design.
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10 65%
One major factor that Ossoba fails to convey in their logo designs is the brand image of a business. Although the designs per se can be considered good enough, they generally deviate from emphasizing a corporate image. It can easily be detected that the designs are only template based. This mechanism of designing deters the entry into the company of design application that is truly innovative.
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